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Stony Brook University Physicians Practice Reduces "Lost Charges" to Near Zero Using PatientKeeper

Acustream analysis finds 99.98 percent of patient encounters were billed by Stony Brook physicians – “as close to perfection as we have seen across our entire customer base”

WALTHAM, Mass. Aug. 14, 2014 – A recent review of “lost charges” at a major academic medical practice on Long Island, New York, found that, using PatientKeeper® Charge Capture™ software, physicians billed 99.98 percent of their patient encounters. According to Acustream Inc., a company that finds missing charges and associated revenue by using a proprietary web-based technology, the charge capture performance at Stony Brook University Physicians Clinical Practice Management Plan (CPMP) “was as close to perfection as we have seen across our entire customer base of physician and hospital organizations.”

The review of charges at CPMP was conducted using Acustream’s RevBuilder™ solution. Acustream found only 273 missed and reimbursable encounters out of 1.36 million, or 0.02 percent, over CPMP’s last fiscal year had not been charged.

“Acustream was extremely impressed with our performance, and PatientKeeper shares a lot of the credit,” Janet Zwergel, CPMP’s Director of Consulting and Coding Services, said. “We have enculturated our physicians to a highly efficient electronic charge capture workflow, which today they embrace completely. These results are further proof of PatientKeeper’s value to the organization.”

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