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Nineteen Community Hospitals Go Live with PatientKeeper CPOE during the First Two Months of 2013

Physicians at Conway Medical Center, a MEDITECH MAGIC hospital near Myrtle Beach, SC, offer rave reviews of the software’s usability and intuitiveness

New Orleans, LA and Waltham, MA – March 4, 2013 – In the first 60 days of 2013, PatientKeeper® Inc. has deployed its computerized physician order entry (CPOE) software and mobile CPOE software at 19 community hospitals. By streamlining order entry workflow for physicians, PatientKeeper CPOE™ will enable the hospitals to rapidly meet and exceed the levels of physician adoption required by Stage 2 Meaningful Use.

The 19 hospitals, which are located primarily in the Southeastern U.S., average over 140 licensed beds each; the largest has 312 licensed beds.

Conway Medical Center, near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is one of the hospitals that recently went live on PatientKeeper CPOE. PatientKeeper’s software is tightly integrated with Conway’s MEDITECH® MAGIC™ hospital information system (HIS). Mickey Waters, IT director at Conway, said physicians there are very excited that they now have an order entry system that supports their workflow.

“PatientKeeper is designed specifically to meet the needs of physicians, so it’s a great companion to our core MEDITECH system, which runs the hospital operations,” Waters said. “Deploying PatientKeeper to our hospitalists alone will get us to 60 percent CPOE adoption; then adding specialists will take us to Stage 3 and beyond.”

Dr. Vasu Vuppala, medical director of hospitalists at Conway, said, “Physician adoption has exceeded our expectations due to the ease of learning and using PatientKeeper. Now I can place common orders with just one click.”

To date, PatientKeeper has deployed its CPOE software at hospitals that use MEDITECH MAGIC, MEDITECH Client/Server, McKesson® Horizon®, and several best of breed HIS configurations.

“Bringing so many hospitals live on an enterprise CPOE system within a two month period would be unthinkable for most healthcare IT companies,” Paul Brient, PatientKeeper’s president and CEO, said. “One key for us is that our software is so intuitive that physicians require very little training and almost no learning curve to become fully productive on PatientKeeper. We also use several implementation tools that dramatically reduce the time to implement CPOE by automatically building order strings and creating personalized ‘favorite orders’ for each physician.”

PatientKeeper CPOE saves physicians time throughout the day by making it easy for them to place orders with just a few clicks or taps. PatientKeeper offers physicians the option of using a smartphone or tablet, as well as laptop and desktop computers. PatientKeeper’s award-winning* native mobile CPOE application helps hospitals eliminate verbal orders and improves physicians’ rounding efficiency. Architecturally, PatientKeeper CPOE sits on top of a hospital’s current IT infrastructure and seamlessly integrates with existing hospital information systems and other departmental systems.

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PatientKeeper’s EHR optimization software solutions streamline clinician workflow, improve care team collaboration, and fill functional gaps in existing hospital EHR systems.  With PatientKeeper as the “system of engagement” complementing the EHR, clinicians can easily access and act on all their patient information from PCs, smartphones and tablets. PatientKeeper has more than 70,000 active users today. For more information about PatientKeeper, visit or call (781) 373-6100.