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Payment Personalization, Charge Capture Analytics, and CAC at Virtual AHIMA 2020

October 2020
Healthcare IT Today

[Article excerpt:]

Next up was a visit to PatientKeeper.  I enjoyed the conversation and have always been impressed with their charge capture tool.  However, it was interesting to see them offering a new analytics tool that would [take] an organizations schedule feed and then evaluate the organization’s billing to see if there were potential gaps.  Sounds like a simple solution and in theory it is, but it really takes someone understanding the nuances of charge capture the way Patient Keeper understands it to be able to do this really well.  You can see how this simple analytic solution could be valuable to an organization that wants to make sure they’re getting paid appropriately for all the visits they do.

Of course, Patient Keeper is taking their analytics one step further by also providing a communication channel to be able to inform and educate the clinician of any issues that were found.  Assuming you’re using Patient Keeper, the nice thing is that the secure message will be alongside the record.  So, it’s easy for a clinician to correct a mistake.  A great reminder that analytics is great, but communicating the results of those analytics back to the clinician is important as well.  It is interesting that Patient Keeper was moving towards analytics since one could see the day that ambient clinical voice and other technologies could eventually replace a lot of the charge capture that is being done today.

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