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What are the biggest technology challenges facing health care?

September 2020
Medical Economics

[Medical Economics spoke with Christopher Maiona, MD, chief medical officer, PatientKeeper, about how technology is being applied in health care and how it can be improved.]

ME: What types of technology would improve functionality and be most beneficial to physician users?

Maiona: I'm a fan of mobility. I think mobility affords convenience, and any function that makes access to data to a physician more convenient, where a physician selects a mobile platform over a desktop, that's beneficial and I think drives adoption. Of course, there's always going to be need to cover the basics—access to the EHR data, your ability to share data with colleagues, the ability to push data back from a mobile device into the host EHR. The next step though is where it really gets interesting. How do you manipulate that data? Consider a system of engagement that has an optimized user interface for that specific user with selective alerts for specific data thresholds, so you're not constantly checking back to find your data; the data is coming out to find you. But you want to avoid that issue of alarm fatigue. Integrating data into FHIR apps on mobile has a number of really interesting ways of manipulating data. A lot of times physicians will leave an application to use a calculator to maybe assess cardiac risk. And then you have to take all your data with you and plug it into that calculator. Why not bring that right into your EHR and right into your mobile phone and have that access in front of you? Why not provide video integration to bring back true provider-to-provider communication?

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