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Celebrating International Women's Day

March 2020
Inklings Blog

Sunday was International Women’s Day. To celebrate it this year, I was honored to get to post some questions to two female leaders among our clients in the healthcare field. I wanted to know how they view the healthcare space regarding women’s equality, how they lead as women, who they admire, and what advice they have for others. Their humble and honest answers are a call for women to lead our own way, and to create the lives and careers that fill us up. 

Following is my Q&A with Sally Buta, CTO, VP Development and Co-founder of PatientKeeper, which provides healthcare applications for physicians; and Susan Sandberg, President and CEO of MelroseWakefield Healthcare, community healthcare serving north suburban Boston.

What's the top women's issue in the healthcare field right now?

Sally: The top women’s issue in healthcare is all about cost and access. As we know health insurance premiums and co-pays are ever increasing. It doesn’t matter how great our healthcare system is or what we can do to care for disease, if we can’t access it, either because we can’t afford it, or because it isn’t available either due to scarcity or ability to get to care. As women, whether or not we work outside the home, often, we are still much more responsible for planning for and caring for our and our family’s health. The younger generations are turning more and more towards urgent care/minute clinics as they are both known costs and much more readily available than standard physician offices.

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