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The Future of Healthcare: “We must let doctors be doctors” with Christopher Maiona, M.D., of PatientKeeper, Inc.

May 2019
Authority Magazine

[I had the pleasure to interview Christopher Maiona, M.D., SFHM, Chief Medical Officer, PatientKeeper, Inc.]

Thank you for joining us! Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific career path?

I have been a practicing hospitalist for over 20 years and, during that time, I have experienced first-hand the “mainstreaming” of EHR systems. With each new EHR iteration, from multiple vendors, I had high hopes, yet I was always sorely disappointed. In my various capacities — front line hospitalist, hospitalist program director, and hospital medicine executive leader — I have had to deal with the ramifications of systems that fail to appreciate a physician’s thought process, workflow, and needs. As a true believer in the potential for EHRs to actually help providers and patient care, I took on larger roles in the implementation and utilization of these systems in my host hospitals/networks. The challenge, however, was balancing quality benefits (realized and potential) with the negative effect EHRs were having on those of us practicing in the trenches. It was becoming more difficult to justify system utility to a physician population facing increasing census, higher patient acuity, mounting documentation requirements, and a concerning rise in physician burn out. Ironically, as we were seeing some quality gains associated with EHR use, studies began to identify areas where quality was negatively impacted by physician burn out. The profession needed help. That’s what led me to my current role at PatientKeeper.

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