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How to Inject "Health" Back Into the EHR

April 2019
MedPage Today

[The following commentary was written by PatientKeeper CMO Christopher Maiona, MD, SFHM]

It seems that you can't open a medical journal these days without reading about physician burnout. According to the American Medical Association, about 50% of practicing physicians are experiencing some evidence of it. Thirty percent of practicing physicians say they would not embark on a medical career if they could start over. Even more disheartening, one in four final-year residents regret going into medicine, despite being hot commodities in the job market. Healthcare CEOs are decrying this woeful state of affairs as a "national health crisis."

The fact that hospital executives recognize the problem is encouraging, because they are in a unique position to help. Healthcare organizations must act aggressively to reconnect physicians with their love of medicine – not only as an altruistic exercise, but for the sake of their business performance, the quality of patient care, and the overall vitality of the American healthcare system.

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