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When Will Health IT Become Part of the Solution (Rather than the Problem) for Physicians?

December 2018
HIT Consultant

[This article was written by PatientKeeper CMO Dr. Chris Maiona.]

I began practicing medicine in the 1990s as a hospitalist.  On an average day, I’d see 10 to 12 patients. I would spend any downtime on notes and billing.  More importantly, I had time to revisit interesting cases, converse with colleagues and chat with patients and their families.

In 2018, that’s no longer what a day in the life of a physician looks like.  I’m required to see more patients per shift, and my administrative tasks are much more time-consuming, due to a combination of regulations and technology.  As physician satisfaction data will attest, medical practice is more stressful, frustrating and dissatisfying than it need be.

EHRs are part of the problem.  The solution is not to go back to paper.  Rather, we must build on and optimize the informational foundation that EHRs laid, with an eye particularly toward improving the physician experience.

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