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The best way to navigate EHR optimization and combat physician burnout

November 2018
Becker's Health IT & CIO Report

Question: Where do you see the biggest need for innovation to improve the healthcare system in the future?

Dr. Christopher Maiona: Innovation is required to make computers indispensable tools for patient care. While we have done a reasonable job in some areas — data capture, clinical decision support and document legibility, for example — we have not made the EHR indispensable for the nurses and doctors at the tip of the patient care spear. To the contrary, we have complicated workflows, fractionated thought process, decreased productivity and demoralized users, as evidenced by the alarming physician burnout rates attributed in part to EHR concerns.

The innovation I believe we need, in the near term, relates to EHR optimization — specifically, creating an instinctive user experience for physicians and enhanced integrations with third-party applications, platforms and the health information exchange. These integrations will provide the clinician with a 360-degree view of the patient in a manner consistent with a provider's thought process, specialty and patient diagnosis. This EHR optimization will provide the foundation for further innovation as we look long term to integrating with more advanced technologies as they become reality.

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