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RCM Tip of the Day: Keep your physicians happy

September 2018
Becker's Hospital CFO Report

With physicians playing such a key role in a hospital's financial picture, it's important that healthcare executives cultivate an atmosphere that fosters collaboration with physicians toward hospital goals, said Paul Brient, CEO of PatientKeeper, a provider of healthcare clinical and financial applications.

"If a physician sees a hospital giving them time back in their day by streamlining their workflow, that's a step in the right direction," Mr. Brient told Becker's. "If a physician feels they can practice medicine in the way they were trained, rather than conform to what the hospital EHR requires, that's another step in the right direction."

"As in any good partnership, you give a little to get a little. Physicians bring more patients to a hospital that values its providers and makes them feel respected," he said.

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