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Version 2 of Healthcare IT Must Change The Paradigm of EHRs

October 2016
HIT Consultant

[Commentary by PatientKeeper CEO Paul Brient]

Another report is out this month that highlights the shortcomings of EHRs. According to an AMA-funded study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, for every hour physicians spend in exam room visits with patients, they spend nearly two hours on electronic health record and desk work during office hours – and there’s even more administrative time spent after-hours.

Sadly, these findings are not surprising. It is widely acknowledged that doctors today are less productive than they were before, and IT is the culprit. A large part of the problem is EHR design. Unlike the world of paper records, with its illegible handwriting and overstuffed files, today’s primary obstacles are the poorly designed data presentation on computer or tablet screens, fragmented information sources and unwieldy interfaces that require dozens of mouse clicks or screen taps by busy clinicians.

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