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5 Ways Health IT Shackles Physicians

July 2016
Health IT Outcomes

[This commentary was contributed by PatientKeeper CEO Paul Brient]

It seems every week there’s another study documenting the problems physicians have with healthcare IT. The findings invariably are consistent with what the AMA has been saying for the past several years — physicians overwhelmingly dislike EHR systems’ poor usability and interoperability, and resent the extra time they have to spend at the keyboard.

No industry has computerized its operations with a goal to reduce productivity and efficiency, yet that is what’s happening in healthcare. To date, EHRs have made physicians less productive, less efficient, and potentially less effective. If computers performed similarly for knowledge workers in other industries, they’d still use paper. While an EHR is supposed to “automate and streamline the clinician’s workflow,” most systems do not yet live up to the promise.

Here are five causes of physicians’ nagging frustrations with healthcare IT.

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