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Can IT Boost A Hospital's Physician Appeal?

September 2015
Health IT Outcomes

[Article authored by Don Burt, MD, PatientKeeper's Chief Medical Officer]

EHR systems have a bad reputation in the view of most physicians. When I ran a physician group in western Massachusetts I heard a lot of complaints, and there’s a constant flow of stories in the media that reiterate those negative sentiments. Last month, the American Medical Association (AMA) launched a campaign using the hashtag #FixEHR to systematically compile physicians’ stories (mainly complaints) about their experiences using EHR systems.

So I’m always impressed when I speak with physician leaders at community hospitals who have found a way not only to defuse the complaints, but to turn information technology (IT) into a competitive advantage for physician recruitment and retention.

One such hospital is Community Memorial in Ventura, CA, which sits within a few miles of two other hospitals – one private, one public – creating a highly competitive market for both patients and physicians. Therefore differentiation is a strategic imperative for Community Memorial, and one way the hospital has opted to differentiate itself is to give physicians a significant voice in selecting the IT they use.

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