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RCM Tip of the Day: Streamlined Systems Interactions

July 2015
Becker's Hospital CFO

Amy Sullivan, Vice President, Revenue Cycle Solutions, PatientKeeper: The need for tools that save physicians time, while making them more productive and efficient, has become all the more important when it comes to billing systems. For doctors, it's all about reducing the number of "clicks" and ensuring that all system interactions are meaningful and intuitive. By using "macro" functionality tools, we can capture charges simply and reduce the number of clicks physicians experience. A set of charges, modifiers and diagnosis codes are grouped together and entered with a single tap or mouse click. This type of functionality eliminates confusion, saves time and ensures all services are billed. In addition, hospitals can integrate their charge capture solution with their EHR and billing system for a seamless electronic workflow. For example, the charge capture system pulls codes forward from the CPOE system to eliminate entering procedure charges again.

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