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How a California hospital improves physician workflow with mobile technology

May 2015
Mobile Strategies 360

Deciphering what a doctor scrawled on a small slip of paper is a problem of the past for Community Memorial Health System’s two hospitals in Ventura, CA.

On Jan. 1, Community Memorial Hospital and Ojai Valley Community Hospital—with a combined 615 doctors, 300 of whom are active on the medical staff—overhauled its electronic health record system to use PatientKeeper Inc. The mobile platform allows doctors to record notes, analyze charts, review vital signs and order medication via a mobile web site or an app.

PatientKeeper is currently used in about 450 hospitals and practices by 60,000 physicians, says PatientKeeper co-founder Sally Buta. Doctors can access PatientKeeper through an Internet browser or via an app for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

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