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Why Patients Should Care How their Doctors Feel About EHRs

April 2015
Healthcare Global

By Donald M. Burt, M.D., CMO, PatientKeeper, Inc.

A recent survey of physicians about their experience using hospital electronic health records (EHR) systems found that over one-third of respondents claimed that using the hospital’s EHR system negatively affected their efficiency and productivity. The same percentage said using an EHR detracted from the amount of time they spent with patients.

So here’s a case of what’s bad for the goose is bad for the gander. Physicians and patients have a common interest in seeing improvements to hospital EHRs. Of course, they can’t make those improvements themselves. Physicians (at least most that I know) are not software programmers, so they’re not going to write the code to create a better EHR user experience. But patients and physicians can and should advocate for change.

Here are a few items on a physician’s list of EHR issues.


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