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Interoperability Begins at Home: Three Lessons from Community Hospitals

March 2015
Healthcare IT News

by Andrew Robertson, Senior Director of Technical Solutions, PatientKeeper, Inc.

ONC's "interoperability roadmap" describes a path to what one might think of as "macro-interoperability." But let’s consider for a moment “micro-interoperability” – interoperability at the local level, which impacts clinicians and patient care in a very tangible way – because it can inform our thinking about attaining that macro-level national vision.

Micro-interoperability can be readily seen within the community hospital, where the priority is to integrate multiple systems under one roof and forge a unified, intuitive user experience for the clinicians who rely on those systems every day. Hospitals have been doing (or at least attempting) this for years, with varying degrees of success. Here are three observations from ground level that are worth bearing in mind as the broader healthcare IT macro-interoperability undertaking gains momentum.

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