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Ron Sandifer, VP/CIO, Community Memorial Health System, Discusses His Strategy for Creating Physician Connectivity

March 2011

Anthony Guerra:    I understand that you’re working with PatientKeeper and that sort of puts a nice cover over the MEDITECH front-end. Tell me about the genesis of that and whether you were getting pushback from the physicians; for example if they said, “We’re not going to be able to do CPOE with this [MEDITECH system].” How did you deal with that?

Ron Sandifer:       Our issues really started when we converted to [MEDITECH] Client Server [from MEDITECH Magic]... The physicians were not real receptive to the EMR in Client Server... We received a substantial amount of pushback from the physicians, and we just felt that with them not really accepting the EMR, that we probably would have some of the same issues with CPOE. The delivery schedule that we receive from MEDITECH for CPOE was not until actually August of 2012. So we felt that for physician satisfaction and for meeting meaningful use in a more timely fashion, we would look at the PatientKeeper product.

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