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The change we seek: Health IT developers offer their hopes for 2013

January 2013
Healthcare IT News

Free the data! Empower the patient! Break down those walls! Collaborate! Innovate!

Those are not revolutionary slogans, say the IT vendors - developers of electronic health records (EHRs), real-time location systems, data exchange technology and more - polled by Healthcare IT News for our year-ahead issue.

Rather, their wish lists for 2013 simply reflect the necessary steps the healthcare industry must take to truly effect the change we all want to see.

"My greatest hope is that 2013 is the year that hospital IT executives and physicians can link arms and become effective collaborators," says Paul Brient, president and CEO of PatientKeeper.

He bemoans the fact that the "propagation of physician-facing applications - CPOE, medication reconciliation, and all manner of EHRs" in the past several years has "had the unfortunate effect of pitting physicians against IT."

Often less-than-optimal user interfaces have led to reduced physician productivity, he points out. "There's no other industry in the world that would accept reduced productivity as an outcome of automation."

In the year ahead, Brient would like to see docs and developers working together to "initiate a virtuous cycle of increased productivity, cooperation and, ultimately, improvements in delivery of patient care," he says.

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