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Electronic Health Records? On your SmartPhone?

March 2012
Appsparq blog

PatientKeeper is a fantastic app that proves that Electronic Health Records (EHRs) can be easily accommodated on a SmartPhone and that too in disconnected mode when you don’t have a networking connection!

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It’s a very well designed app and a well thought out technical architecture behind the scenes as well! Their web site says that all data that goes back and forth between the iPhone app and the backend Patient EHR is encrypted, all patient data in the smartphone is encrypted and access to patient records is only through a username and password access that qualified healthcare providers can make as difficult to guess as possible. Also, after three unsuccessful attempts at logging in the local data is wiped out, if someone were to get hold of the smartphone and try to access someone’s medical data in an unauthorized way!

Also, the PatientKeeper app can work in disconnected mode meaning that if you don’t have a data connection, you update the local database on the smartphone and when you do , it synchronizes with the backend PatientKeeper server.