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Putting CPOE in a Physician's Pocket Will Help Drive Meaningful Use

March 2011
EMR Daily News

CPOE adoption won’t reach the levels ONC is likely to mandate for Stages 2 and 3 Meaningful Use until: (1) the software is more usable for physicians; and (2) the software is more accessible to physicians. Making CPOE software more “physician friendly” has many aspects – it must support physician workflow, have an intuitive user interface, and offer flexible order sets and adjustable alerts. But making CPOE more accessible boils down to one thing: put it in physicians’ hands anytime, anywhere – which means offering CPOE on smartphones and tablets.

Contrary to myth, most physicians are not technophobes. Quite the opposite: physicians are some of the most ravenous consumers of new information technology. Just look around any hospital, where smartphones and tablets are becoming as ubiquitous as stethoscopes. So it makes perfect sense to put applications like CPOE, which require aggressive physician adoption in order for hospitals to attain Meaningful Use certification, on the devices that a rapidly growing number of physicians choose to use.

At the HIMSS11 conference in Orlando earlier this year, HIT industry analyst John Moore predicted 100 percent physician adoption of smartphones and tablets by 2014. Hospitals, therefore, must enable “physician mobility” through hospital information systems and related applications. After all, handheld devices are of limited utility if they don’t have access to critical patient information . . .

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