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HIStalk Mobile Interview - PatientKeeper CEO Paul Brient

February 2011
HIStalk Mobile

I’d like to thank Paul Brient, CEO of PatientKeeper, for his time discussing his company as well as his insights into mobile strategies and adoption in healthcare. Below I’ve tried to summarize the key points, but in the future, I plan to have interviews transcribed. Also, for those interested, PatientKeeper will be at HIMSS next week – Booth #5543.

Paul told me that PatienKeeper was founded 11 years ago, before he joined the company, with the premise that mobile was THE solution necessary to drive physician adoption of information technology, and the lack of mobile solutions represented the major barrier to adoption. Since then, with Paul joining the company over eight years ago, the thinking at PatientKeeper has changed to view mobile as an important companion point of access, but not a solution unto itself.

Paul stated that the fundamental offerings of PatientKeeper are the 13 components they have developed to automate and improve physician workflow. As an example, CPOE is a component offered by PatientKeeper and will now be available on mobile devices, as well as via PatientKeeper’s Web portal. Paul compared the PatientKeeper components to e-mail, which can be accessed over mobile as well as other types of access points.

PatientKeeper has over 26,000 clinical users, a number that impressed me. I later found out they have some very big clients, like HCA, which make 26,000 very realistic. Of those 26,000, about 50% are using PatientKeeper-enabled mobile devices. Paul predicts, as most people in the industry, that this percentage will increase as more physicians acquire mobile devices and more tools are provided via mobile. . .

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