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Physicians love a CIO who lets them focus on patients, not technology

February 2011

Many hospital CIOs face an uphill battle winning the hearts, minds and fingers of physicians. It’s not because doctors are technology phobic. Quite the opposite: physicians are some of the most ravenous consumers of new information technology. Smartphones and tablets are becoming as ubiquitous as stethoscopes at many hospitals.

The truth is doctors are happy to make screen touches, mouse clicks and keyboard strokes if the application is right. But all too often it’s not – at least not for them; and that gets to the heart of the issue.

The software that CIOs often try to “sell” doctors on using typically wasn’t designed with physician users in mind. Some of these applications end up taking more of the physician’s time than the good old paper way of doing things. And the CIO, who is not an MD, can’t fully appreciate how cumbersome, distracting and unproductive a traditional hospital information system (HIS) can be for a physician. Indeed, physicians love a CIO who enables them to focus on their patients, not technology.

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