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We don't make your EHR.
We make it better —
for physicians.

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EHR Optimization Software Solutions

Applications that help physicians do their job,
rather than create more work.

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Physician Workflow

Physician Workflow

PatientKeeper offers a range of applications that automate and streamline physicians' clinical workflow -- delivered with a uniquely physician-friendly user experience

Financial Performance

Financial Performance

PatientKeeper helps hospitals and physician practices improve reimbursement and revenue assurance with electronic charge capture and related applications

Operations Optimization

Operations Optimization Applications

PatientKeeper solutions address specific business challenges that rank highly among hospital executives' strategic priorities

Benefits of Working With Us

We help improve the ROI
of your health IT.


Streamline physician workflow to enhance provider satisfaction


Leverage innovative IT to improve patient outcomes


Maximize IT and clinical resources to optimize business performance

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Creating a Better Physician Work Environment Can Benefit a Hospital's Bottom Line

It’s easy for hospitals to overlook the top- and bottom-line impact of something as amorphous as the “physician work environment”, because it’s hard to quantify. Contributing factors include the voice physicians have in hospital decisions, the tools they’re given to work with, and the respect with which they are treated.

For a variety of compelling business reasons, healthcare systems should attend to their physician experience with the same level of care and intention as their patient experience. Here are three ways that improving physicians’ work environment can help to bolster a hospital’s bottom line...